Advanced Post Queries

The plugin allows you to query by page & post according to the WordPress codex . You should familiarize yourself with this feature. The shortcode generator does not generate the following.

p (Post id) – use ‘post__in’ with a single id, ‘page_id’ – use ‘post__in’ with a single id, ‘post_parent’ – use post_parent__in with a single id.

They would not normally be used for a grid and they should be entered manually if needed.

Also, since the generator only generates id’s, you must manually enter page_name, or title manually. Again, with a grid, there is no reason to query a single post or page.

These settings are relevant for every post type or page, including media and custom posts. They all rely on ID’s. The shortcode generator conveniently lists id’s with post or page titles, making it easy to find & select the items that you wish to display. In order to properly view media titles when selecting id’s in the shortcode generator, make sure that you enter a caption for every media item.


Use to selecting a list of id’s for single posts, custom posts, pages, images, etc.

Single id

[featured_image_pro post__in='8579']

Multiple id’s

 [featured_image_pro posts_per_page='4' post__in='8584,8571']


Exclude specific post id’s from the query

[featured_image_pro post__not_in='11,64' posts_per_page=4]

Compare to standard query without post excluded

[featured_image_pro posts_per_page=4 ]