Saving and using grids in the database


The id number of a saved grid.

Our shortcode generator allows you to save your options to the database while using our shortcode generator. Simply go into the shortcode generator, generate some shortcode and click on save. Your new shortcode will be displayed in the grid. It helps if you add a description to the shortcode.

We created shortcode to page through a grid with captioned items and then saved it in the database. Here is is in the list table.

When we grab the shortcode for our grid from the list table (under the column labeled ‘shortcode’) and paste it into our page, here is our grid:

[featured_image_pro id=2]

You can override and add to the saved grid settings.

We can add or override options for our saved grid. Here, we used the same saved grid but changed the navigation type from page numbers to dots.

[featured_image_pro id=2 navtype='dots']