Creating a Media Image Gallery

You can use our plugin to create a media gallery. Create a basic media gallery that links to the image posts: Use our colorbox addin to display a gallery in a lightbox Use taxonomies terms with any taxonomy. In this case, we used Media Library Assistant plugin. Use taxonomy terms with isotope filters


linkto the linkto setting determines what happens when you click on a link. By default, the link will open the related post. We have a free addon for colorbox that is  specifically for images in the media library and open up the full sized images in a lightbox slideshow.  When using  colorbox, the target and


tooltip The tooltip option controls whether or not a tooltip displays when you hover over the image. tooltip defaults to true. Images without tooltips Images with tooltips


In many cases, animation transitions are already coded into your theme so that when a page resizes, elements on the page move smoothly to their new positions. If this is true, the grid will animate smoothly when you resize your window. Enabling this in the widget will enable transitions when your theme lacks them or

Actions & Filters

When using filter and actions, use a filter priority above 10. We apply most of our filters around 15 or 16. To apply filters before our plugin, use a filter below 15. To apply filters after ours, use a filter above 15. Here are some of the filters available in the plugin. See the free

Taxonomies & Custom Taxonomies

Standard Taxonomies like posts, tags and post formats and custom Taxonomies can be handled by featured-image-pro. Use the shortcode generator to select taxonomy id’s. Normally, you only need two fields. taxonomies a comma delimited list of taxonomies taxonomy_relation defaults to ‘OR’. Possible values are ‘AND’, ‘OR’. Do not use with a single inner taxonomy array.