Advanced Order By

The plugin allows posts to be ordered by all of the options in the codex. the codex. You should familiarize yourself with ‘orderby’ before using this option. Currently only a single orderby value is supported.


orderby defaults to ‘date’.

[featured_image_pro orderby='comment_count' order='DESC' posts_per_page=999 subcaption1='comment_count' subcaptiontitle1 = 'comments: ']


Ideally,  combine ordering by meta key with a meta query using the same key:

When ordering by meta_value or meta_value_num, enter the meta key value.

 [featured_image_pro meta_queries = 'sfly_guest_author_names' sfly_guest_author_names_compare ='EXISTS' orderby='meta_value' orderby_meta_key='sfly_guest_author_names' subcaptiontype1='meta' subcaption1='sfly_guest_author_names']


Use a meta_type to cast to a specific type when ordering by meta_value

[featured_image_pro post_type='event' subcaptiontype1='meta' subcaptioncast1='date' subcaption1='_event_start_date' orderby_meta_key='_event_start_time' orderby_meta_type='DATE' order='ASC']