Fixing overlapping grids

Masonry grids may overlap if the height of a grid item is unknown. This can happen when css is applied after the grid has been laid out or when the grid resizes and the width changes.  These settings are not available in the widget and must be applied in the shortcode. layoutonresize There are some

Creating a Media Image Gallery

You can use our plugin to create a media gallery. Create a basic media gallery that links to the image posts: Use our colorbox addin to display a gallery in a lightbox Use taxonomies terms with any taxonomy. In this case, we used Media Library Assistant plugin. Use taxonomy terms with isotope filters

Ignore Sticky Posts

ignore_sticky_posts Instead of displaying images for sticky posts in the grid, the Ignore sticky posts setting displays posts in sort order. ignore_sticky_posts defaults to true Set to false to display sticky posts first. Sticky posts disabled by default

Advanced subcaptions

subcaptionx Choose a field value for an infinite number of sub captions, besides the default ‘author’ and ‘date’ options, you can choose from taxonomy values, meta values, and even image meta values. Sub captions should be created in numerical order, i.e.: subcaption1, subcaption2, subcaption3, etc. If you skip a number, all sub captions after that


Set the rel value in the html for the link. This has no effect on the plugin and is for external use only.  


subcaption1 subcaption2 Version 2 of the widget allows you to create subcaptions using the author name and/or the post date. You can display the author or the date in any subcaption. Advanced subcaptions options are available. subcaptionalign Available in version 3. Align the subcaption left, right or center. The default is center.


All colors default to your theme default. item_color item_color is used to change the text color for text in the grid item. item_bgcolor item_bgcolor changes the background color of the grid item. link_color link_hovercolor link_color and link_hovercolor change the appearance of hot links. Video instruction


tooltip The tooltip option controls whether or not a tooltip displays when you hover over the image. tooltip defaults to true. Images without tooltips Images with tooltips

Pad Image

padimage The Pad Image setting adds a class to the grid item and creates a padding around the image of 10px. This setting defaults to true as of version 3.0. Grid images with paddings, Grid Item has a border. No padding:


In many cases, animation transitions are already coded into your theme so that when a page resizes, elements on the page move smoothly to their new positions. If this is true, the grid will animate smoothly when you resize your window. Enabling this in the widget will enable transitions when your theme lacks them or