Excerpts – Adding excerpts to your grid items.

The Featured Image Pro plugin can be used to display post excerpts. You can override the default excerpt word count by choosing the number of words to be displayed in the excerpt. You can set a height.

If you want an even grid, you may have to balance these two items in order to make sure that the excerpt displays properly in your grid. Use the widget to calculate these values in the customizer and then transfer this to your shortcode.


showexcerpts – (this was excerpt prior to version 2 will still function)

When true, the post excerpt is displayed under the post. (Other options will be available in the future). If you don’t see a ‘read more’ or ‘…’ link, be aware that the text is managed by your theme or another plugin. Check out our own plugin Simply Excerpt.

excerpt is a true/false value that defaults to false

In this example, excerpt is set to true. The number of words displayed defaults to the WordPress settings or any other plugin settings that may have changed this value.

[featured_image_pro excerpt=true]


generates a fixed height for the excerpt. It works with


which, when set, overrides the WordPress setting for the maximum number of words displayed in the widget. You can use the sidebar widget to adjust these values to an appropriate height.

excerptheight is a css height value although rarely would it be set to anything besides a fixed value, like ‘200px’. excerptlength is an integer value. There is no default value for excerptheight. excerptlength defaults to .

In this example, the height of the excerpt is set to a fixed height of 100px and the number of words to be displayed is limited to 5 words.

[featured_image_pro excerpt=true excerptheight='100px' excerptlength='5']

[featured_image_pro excerpt=true excerptheight='70px' excerptlength='5' excerpthrtop=true]


adds a horizontal line under the excerpt. In some themes, the color of the hr may render it invisible. Change the background or border color in your custom css.

excerpthr is a true false value that defaults to true in version 1.0 and false in version 2.0

In this example, the height and the width is identical to the above example, but the horizontal rule has been enabled. There is a line under the excerpt.

[featured_image_pro excerpt=true excerptheight='100px' excerptlength='5' excerpthr=true]


align the excerpt. Options are ‘left’, ‘right’ or ‘center’. Excerpt align defaults to left. (Note, this feature did not exist in versions before 3.0. Please adjust as necessary).

[featured_image_pro excerpt=true showcaptions=true excerptheight='100px' excerptlength='5' excerptalign='center' excerpthrtop=true]


displays excerpt as html (as of version 4.0.4). This field is not available in the widget.

[featured_image_pro excerpt=true excerptheight='100px' excerptlength='15' htmexcerpt=true]