Advanced subcaptions


Choose a field value for an infinite number of sub captions, besides the default ‘author’ and ‘date’ options, you can choose from taxonomy values, meta values, and even image meta values. Sub captions should be created in numerical order, i.e.: subcaption1, subcaption2, subcaption3, etc. If you skip a number, all sub captions after that number will be ignored.


If you don’t enter a subcaptiontype for each subcaption, the plugin will try to determine the type. It’s best if you enter a type.

Valid types are


With no subcaption type

[featured_image_pro showcaptions=true subcaption1='category']

With a subcaption type

 [featured_image_pro post_type='attachment' subcaptiontype1='taxonomy' subcaption1='attachment_category' attachment_category_terms='76,77' attachment_category_field='id' taxonomies='attachment_category']


You may optionally enter a title for each caption.

[featured_image_pro showcaptions=true subcaptiontitle1='Categories:' subcaptiontype1='taxonomy' subcaption1='category']


Cast the value. subcaptioncast defaults to string.
Options are date, time, integer, float, string, datetime
Events list (events manager plugin)

[featured_image_pro post_type='event' showcaptions=true showexcerpts=true subcaptiontype1='meta' subcaption1='_event_start_date' excerptlength=5 excerptalign='left' excerpthrtop=true subcaptioncast1='date' subcaptiontype2='meta' subcaption2='_event_start_time' subcaptioncast2='time' ]


When linksubcaptions is set to true, add an href to the caption display. linksubcaptions defaults to false (true in the widget).

[featured_image_pro showcaptions=true linksubcaptions=true subcaptiontitle1='Categories' subcaptiontype1='taxonomy' subcaption1='category']