Transition Type

transitiontype the transitiontype setting controls the transitions of items when the grid resizes or during filtering. css – generates css animations. This is the default value and is equivalent to setting the animate option to true. js – enables javascript transitions none – no transitions. Any transitions will default to your theme css styles if

Fade in time

fadeintime Set this value to increase or decrease the time it takes for the grid to initially fade in. fadeintime defaults to 500 milliseconds. default fadeintime at 3000


linkto the linkto setting determines what happens when you click on a link. By default, the link will open the related post. We have a free addon for colorbox that is  specifically for images in the media library and open up the full sized images in a lightbox slideshow.  When using  colorbox, the target and

Responsive Grids – Percent Positon

Basic Settings responsive is a percentage value that can be used to automatically create a responsive grid. Columns may not calculate exactly. Increase the gutter or reduce the percentage by 1 or 2 to get the number of columns that you want in the grid. Advanced Responsive Settings: Percent Position There are only two options


resize determines whether or not the grid resizes when the window is resized. When this is false, you will want to use css styles to make your grid responsive and disable the default styles. resize defaults to true. max-width and width will be ignored when this value is false. Resize is disabled and maxwidth is