Navigating the grid – using ajax paging and navigation



Enables paging of grids. The number of items that are displayed in the grid is based on the posts per page setting which defaults to the value set in wordpress.

bypage is a true/false value that defaults to false

page through the grid, 5 posts at a time

[featured_image_pro posts_per_page=5 bypage=true]


The type of navigation desired

Valid options are : navigate, page_numbers, dots, more.

navtype defaults to ‘navigate’.
Use pages to show page numbers in the navigation area

[featured_image_pro bypage='true' navtype='page_numbers' posts_per_page=5]

Use ‘dots’ to show dots instead of page numbers in the navigation area.

[featured_image_pro bypage='true' navtype='dots' posts_per_page=5]

Use ‘more’ to expand the grid instead of navigating.

[featured_image_pro bypage='true' navtype='more' posts_per_page=5]


Start on a specific page of posts. page is used on the front page only. Setting this value will also set bypage to true.

paged (or page) is an integer value.

page through the grid starting from page 2, 5 posts at a time.

[featured_image_pro posts_per_page=5 paged=2]


When paging is enabled, uses ajax. If this is set to false, a new page will be loaded. Paging on single posts is not fully supported in WordPress and it is not recommended to have more than one paging grid on a page when ajax is not enabled on any grid.

ajaxpage defaults to true

ajaxpage set to false (this example will not be functional when embedded in a post as this is not supported. If used on an archive page. It will take you to 'page not found').

[featured_image_pro bypage=true ajaxpage=false]


When true, navigation is displayed above the grid.

topnav is a true/false value that defaults to false. This value will always be false when navtype = ‘more’


When true, navigation is displayed below the grid.

bottomnav is a true/false value that defaults to true. This value will always be true when navtype=’more’

page through the grid, 5 posts at a time with both top and bottom navigation.

[featured_image_pro bypage=true posts_per_page=5 topnav=true]


Text for the next page navigation. Normally posts are loaded by date posted, with the most recent posts displaying on the first page. This can be somewhat confusing and our default text helps with the confusion.

prevtext defaults to “<< Newer Entries”.


Text for the previous page navigation.
nexttext defaults to “Older Entries >>”

Posts ordered from oldest to newist

[featured_image_pro bypage='true'  prevtext='Older Posts' order='DESC' posts_per_page='5' nexttext='Newer Posts']


Add this to your custom styles

.nav-previous {
.nav-next {

[featured_image_pro bypage='true' posts_per_page='5' uniqueid='navstyles']


If you are having issues with paging, check to ensure that your web site is not generating errors. If using WP-Spamshield, Click on ‘Disable anti-spam for miscellaneous forms’ in the Wp_Spamshield settings page or refer to them for further support.  If the issue is not resolved, please submit a support request.