Guest Authors for WordPress the Easy Way

Our Free Plugin

(Simply) Guest Author Name)

Our free plugin: Simply Guest Author Name, was developed to allow you to quickly add guest posts and articles to your web site without adding the authors as users. Our free version allows you to use the author’s gravatar image on a guest post and to link to  their website.

Our Premium Plugin

Guest Author Name Premium

Simple and effective

My team are new to working with WordPress and this helped fulfil a key requirement. Super easy to purchase, install and configure and performing well.

James Mountford

Great Plugin with fast support

Serves perfectly to administer guest authors

Bertram Salzmann

Very useful plug-in with outstanding customer service!

I am so happy with my Guest Author Name plug-in. It comes with a directory where I can add all my guest authors, add custom pictures, edit names, websites, etc. The developer is very responsive and helpful. Initially, $35 seemed a bit much for a plug-in, but it comes with life-time updates and support, so the price is more than fair. Highly recommended!

Artur Kirkoryan

You need this plugin if you accept guest posts for your blog

Even if only stylistically, it's so much nicer to see the name of a guest blogger and their headshot, than simply "Guest Contributor". And of course, it's better for your guest contributors to see their name posted. If you were looking to contribute to somebody's blog, wouldn't you want that recognition? Beyond that though, this plugin is very easy to use. And the customer support, should you need it, is highly responsive. The paid version is worth the small outlay as it is easier to use, therefore saves you time. And having the option of not needing a gravatar email address in order to include a guest contributor's headshot, has been great!

Andy Capaloff