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Use these shortcodes to display a list or a grid of all authors including guest authors.

The shortcode generated widgets show both guests and WP authors (by default)



  • Guest Author 1
  • Guest Author 2
  • Guest Author 3
  • Guest Author 4
  • Wordpress Author 1
  • Wordpress Author 2
  • WordPress Author 3
  • featured-image-pro
  • Options:

    optioncount – Show the count in parenthesis next to the author’s name. Default false.
    exclude_admin – Whether to exclude the ‘admin’ account, if it exists. Default true.
    show_fullname – Whether to show the author’s full name. Default false.
    hide_empty – Whether to hide any authors with no posts. Default true.
    post_type – when hide_empty is true or optioncount = true, comma delimited post_types to include in count.  Default post.
    include_guests – Whether to include guest authors. Default true.
    include_authors – Whether to include authors. Default true.
    gutter – Integer : Gutter space between images (grid only) Default 5

    All authors with post count

    [guest_author_grid optioncount=true]


    Author grid – guest authors only

    [guest_author_grid include_authors=false]


    Author grid – no guest authors, WP authors only

    [guest_author_grid include_guests=false gutter=15]

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