Co-Authors Plus:

These two plugins do different things.

Guest Author Name Premium is not compatible with other plugins that use the guest-author post type. If you have Co-Authors Plus installed and want to be able to edit guest authors, you can download the plugin below to disable the Co-Authors Plus Guest Authors menu. If you do not do this, our guest authors menu will not be available on your dashboard for editing although Guest Authors that you enter while editing posts will be available in your posts. Guest archives will not be available.

Similarly, this plugin is not compatible with Monlogui.  Again, you can enter guest authors while editing posts but guest archives will not be available.

Future versions may allow you to have both plugins installed by changing the post type name. Ideally you should not have more than one plugin that allows guest authors to be installed at the same time.

To disable just activate the plugin, allowing you to edit your guest author name authors and to enable guest archives. To re-enable, deactivate it to edit your guest author name authors. You can do this temporarily in order to edit your co-authors plus guest authors.  Ideally you should not use more than one plugin that creates guest authors.

We will have an addon that allows you to add additional authors to a post in the very near future. If you would like to beta test this plugin, please contact us.

Disable Co-AuthorsPlus guest author (plugin)

PS Taxonomy Expander

The plugin has been abandoned. and breaks Guest Author Name Premium quick edit and bulk edit functionality.

Author Boxes

 The guest author image will not display properly while using some author boxes. The boxes below have been tested with our plugin.

The Meks Smart Author Widget functions well if you only use Guest Authors on your website and disable automatic author detection. If automatic author detection is turned on, the warning message can be ignored and WP_DEBUG should be disabled: define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false) in WP_Config.php.

Simple author box works well with this plugin. If you are experiencing issues, please go to the Guest Author  Name settings and select ‘Use Custom Simple Author Box Template’.

The plugin (1.3+) has been tested with the following themes. Please visit the troubleshooting page for information about getting support for your theme.


Generate Press

Portfolio Lite







Customizr (To display guest authors properly, please Download our child theme or alternately, just copy index.php to  archive-guest-author.php in your child theme)




Ocean WP

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