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Enable Quick Edit

When Quick Edit is checked, the Guest Author dropdown box will be displayed on the Quick Edit screen and the Guest Author will be displayed in a column on the Guest Author list.

Enable Bulk Edit

When Bulk Edit is checked,  the Guest Author dropdown box will be displayed on the Bulk Edit screen, allowing you to edit the Guest Author for multiple posts, and the Guest Author will be displayed in a column on the Guest Author list.

Author Link Setting

The Author Link Setting controls the way that the author link is created when the website url has been entered. The first option will cause the plugin to always use the website url as the author link if the url has been filled in. The second option will cause the plugin to always link to the guest author archives. The third option will add a checkbox to the guest author making this optional for each guest author.

Apply Guest Authors to Post Types

Select the post types that will have the option to add a guest author.  Because our plugin is meant to integrate with existing code, it does not manage the post types that show up in the guest author’s list. If you need customization, please contact us.

Display Guest Author in Author Column in post listings

The guest author is displayed under ‘guest author’ in the post list in the WordPress Admin panel. If you enable this option, the guest author name will also display in the author column.


Force guest-author/author permalink structure (fix when custom permalinks are used)

Enable this option when a custom permalink structure is being used and the guest author archive does not display properly. This setting will force the permalink for guest authors to guest-author/author-permalink. Reset permalinks after changing this option.


The following are advanced or beta functions.

Filter Priority

This number controls the point at which our filters are applied to a post. You should not change this number without the advice of a member of our support team.

User Image Field Name

If you are using a plugin that allows uploaded images to replace avatars, enter the field name here. If you are not sure, contact the plugin author.  Shoofly Solutions support will also try to help you with this. This will help to ensure that this plugin does not override the image.

Body Class 

This option adds a class to the body when the guest author archive is displayed.

Use Custom Simple Author Box Template

This option could help to display the author in the simple author box plugin if there are issues, but we suggest you look for a plugin that works with Guest Author Name and your theme.


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