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Get Guest Author(s)



To return a specific author, use one of the options below:

id – Guest Author Id.  Return a specific guest author by id. (defaults to all)
name – Guest Author Name. Return a specific guest author by name. (defaults to all)
slug – Guest Author Slug. Return a specific guest author by slug. (defaults to all)

posts_per_page –  Number of items to return (defaults to all)

order-by – post_id, date or title. (defaults to title)

order – desc or asc (defaults to desc)

returns a list of author classes similar to the user author class with the permalink and slug.


Get posts for a specific author


Options (use one)

id – Guest Author Id
name – Guest Author Name
slug – Guest Author Slug
withauthor – Returns the author details (see above) with the posts

Returns an array of posts for the specific Guest Author with two additional values

$post->is_guest_author – True
$post->guest_author – The guest author id