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Before Converting:

Guest Author Name Premium manages guest authors by name. If you have two different authors with the same name, edit them by adding in a middle initial or another distinguishing detail. The plugin will use the most recent guest authored posts to create the premium editable author. In other words, if you have 3 posts written by Fred P. Guest, the editable author will be created based on the information in the last post created for that guest. Make sure that this information is up to date. You can leave the free plugin activated until you are sure that all of your premium authors have been properly converted.

Ready to Convert:

Upgrading from the free ‘Simply Guest Author Name’ plugin is simple. Make sure that the ‘(Simply) Guest Author Name’ plugin is activated (if you deleted it, don’t worry. See below for another option), and go to the Guest Author Name Settings page.

Click on the white button to convert your guest authors to the new plugin.

If you have deleted the Simply Guest Author Name plugin, go to the settings page for Guest Author Name premium and edit the address bar by appending &upgrade=yes at the end of the link. Click enter to load the upgrade.

Once the upgrade is complete and you are sure that your guest authors converted properly, deactivate the Simply Guest Author Name free plugin.

You may now edit your author details as necessary.