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If you don’t see your guest author archives, after activating the plugin, don’t forget to follow the steps in The Getting Started Checklist.

Ideally your archives should look just like your Author archives. In some cases, your theme may treat the guest author like a post.  This can be resolved easily by creating a child theme and, depending on your theme, copying the author.php template, the archive.php template or the index.php template to archive-guest-author.php in your child theme.

The Guest Author Name plugin looks for archives in the following order.

archive-guest-author-id.php – can be used for a specific guest author. Replace id with the guest author id.






Lastly, the plugin may load it’s own placeholder template:
guest-author-name/templates/archive-guest-author.php. This archive will not be styled to your theme and may look unattractive. No worries, it’s there as an example.

It’s possible that your theme handles archives differently. In most cases, creating a child theme and copying the file author.php (if it exists) or index.php to archive-guest-author.php will do the trick. Many premium themes come with child themes already. If you do not have a child theme, we suggest the child theme configurator. You will need file manager or ftp access to make a copy of the correct archive file.

Still having issues? Your theme developer should be able to help you with your custom archive if it isn’t working, and you can always Get Support