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=Version 1.35
= Remove code for archive title. Unnecessary and broke archive title for categories (15Zine)
=Version 1.34
= Properly load filters when Ajax is being used by the theme (publisher)
=Version 1.33
= Add flag for comment author so that avatar code doesn’t get confused (compatible with Meks Author Widget)
= Remove warning messages in search when post object is not present.
= Exclude sticky posts from guest author archive
=Version 1.32
= Some minor bug fix probably
=Version 1.31 Fix undefined variable $post
=Version 1.30
= Correctly handle guest author information on author page (this was a massive update)
=Version 1.21
= Add override custom template and setting for Simple Author Box
= Add body class setting (adds guest_author and author to the body class of the archive template)
= Make sure that is_single is false before loading the template
= Check to see if meta_query is a string and make it an array
=Version 1.2
= Make sure that mystery image shows up when there is no image for the guest author
= Fix query as archive query and create fallback template when template can’t be located (ie: Customizr theme)
= Fix issue when plugin or theme allows an image upload to the user (ie: Diario) – see below
= Fix home page loop (author did not change in Diario theme)
= Add option to display guest author name in the author column of a post
= Add field id for any meta_field added to the user as an image so that we know to override it for guests
=Version 1.12
=Remove escaped quotes when a new guest author is added in a post
=Attempt to fix guest author not selected in some cases in quickedit
=Sort guest authors in quick edit dropdown list
=Remove unused fields from post quickedit (unintended bug)
=Version 1.11
=Fix image upload for guest in new post
=Version 1.10

=Add ability to optionally use the guest authors website url based on settings, allowing the website url to be used in an author box.
=1) Always use the guest author url if it is set
=2) Always use the guest author archive
=3) Let me decide for each guest author

Add protection from script injections
= 1.03 Fix default gutter in author grid
= 1.02 Fix minor bug on plugin initialization
= 1.01 Set up licensing
= 1.0 Initial release.

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