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== Changelog ==

= 4.11 =
= Byline urls must work the same way as author urls – going to website when the option is selected =
= Add shortcode for author image
= Fix enabled post types for bylines
= 4.10 =
= Fix Metabox display for byline authors =
= Version 4.09 =
= Minor bug fixes =
= Update nag =
= Update tested to version =
= Version 4.08 =
= Allow selection of post type for author boxes before or after content (defaults to post)
= Display correct name when regular author is included in bylines
= Version 4.07 =
= Fix Filtering Bug =
= Version 4.06 =
= Remove author filtering because it’s somehow messing with menus =
= Version 4.05 =
= Update Freemius SDK =
= Version 4.04 =
= Fix “Can not modify headers” error
= Version 4.03 =
= add_shortcode ‘display_author_with_link’ with class and id options – will display the post author url
= add_shortcode ‘display_post_author_name’ – will display the post author name only
= Remove Beta divi helper functions
= Version 4.02 =
= Fix return of guest author author data in guest-author-query.php
= Add helper functions for Divi
= Add shortcode to display author link
= Add guest author id to authordata for functionality. $authordata->guest_author. Check to see isset( $authordata->guest_author )
= Version 4.01 =
= Fix social media option – social media should only display when settings are checked
= Version 4.00 =
= Add bylines (Beta)
= Version 3.32 =
= Requested Feature – Add ability to filter by Guest Author on the post edit page
= Version 3.31 =
= Fixed: use metabox plugin instead of loading internally if it is installed, also added option to disable loading of metabox loading in case another plugin is loading it.
= Add option to include custom post types in author search
= Version 3.30 =
= Add default guest author setting =
= Versioon 3.29 =
= Fix include guest author in search
= Version 3.28
= Fix code to insure that correct avatar is loaded when user image plugin is used.
= Version 3.27
= Add compatibility for Ajax Search Pro
= Version 3.26
= Update freemius SDK
= Version 3.25 =
= Disable notifications for users that are not administrators =
= Version 3.24 =
= Navigation did not work in some circumstances (page/paged)
= Version 3.23 =
= Release
= Version 3.22 (Beta)
= Make message dismissable
=Version 3.21 =
Always update permalinks after activation
=Version 3.20 =
= Elementor compatibility
= Create custom query filter for elementor =
= Fix avatar for elementor author box (filter avatar url) =
= Fix admin avatar, remove old setting =
= Add global variable to keep guest author box displaying in elementor post list +
= Remove beta testing for author navigation. This has been tested. If authors are being skipped, make sure that their post date & times are not the same (it is possible that converted authors may have the same timestamp).
= Add option to disable archives (requested)
=Version 3.12 =
= Convert free plugin guest authors from ‘any’ post type =
= More work on updating permalinks =
= Fix authorbox permalinks for custom slug =
= Update plugin link =
=Version 3.11 =
= Fix missing settings function =
= Fix sortable error =
= Add action to flush rewrite rules (reset permalinks) after guest author conversion =
=Version 3.10 =
= Fix permalinks for custom slugs =
= Flush permalinks when settings are updated =
= Add option to edit archive title appearance =
= Add beta option for guest post navigation for testing purposes only =
=Version 3.06=
= Refine global functions
= Fix guest author post link in author box
= Fix accordion box on settings page
= Flush permalinks when the post type is first created and on update.
= Add new nag notice for update reminders.
= Some bug fixes
=Version 3.05=
= Add float to guest author box for social media
= Fix paging on guest author archives
=Version 3.04=
= Fix styling options in authorbox
= Fix avatar/name/link when comments are posted by WordPress users.
= Add ‘guest-author-post’ to single post body class when it’s a guest author
=Version 3.03=
= Add option to include guest author in search
= Add option to change slug
=Version 3.02=
=Add styling options to authorbox
=fix social media links
=Make sure that author data is in the guest author archive query queried object (fix for jNews theme)
=Version 3.01=
=Further code to guest authorbox
=Fix avatar when guest_author_post_id = 0 (should return the user avatar)
=Sample code:
=global $guest_author_post_id;
=$save = $guest_author_post_id;
=$guest_author_post_id = 0;
=your avatar code here (returns the user avatar instead of the post avatar)
=$guest_author_post_id = $save;
=Version 3.0=
=Make sure that author url goes to the authors website for author boxes
=Remove filters and actions at beginning of comments form so that comment author images show up properly
=Fix display of guest author as author in post list
=Add Social Media to guest author
=Add Authorbox
=Metabox creation changed to Metabox.IO
=Add option for admin bar avatar
=Version 2.09=
=Test version
=Version 2.08=
=Don’t override avatar for wpdiscuz
=Don’t override avatar in admin bar for logged in users
=Version 2.07=
=Apply filter for quest author query arguments prior to loading author template
+Version 2.06
=Add setting to set with_front = false to post – fix for custom permalinks
=Version 2.05
=Fix warnings in shortcode

=Version 2.04
= Add filter for Buddypress link
=Version 2.03
= Fix upload image when adding new guest author in a post
=Version 2.02
= Update Freemius SDK
=Version 2.01
= Try to load template index.php after trying to load custom/archive/author templates
= Create custom functions for querying authors. Test for compatibility with simply more authors
=Version 2.00
= Fix custom SAB template always loaded regardless of option.
*Version 1.38
= Should have explicitly removed support for trackbacks too
= Mods made to manage author boxes when grid widget is displayed
+Version 1.37
= Explicitly remove support for comments!!
= Add Multi-site support integration for freemius
=Version 1.36
= Set is_home to false in guest author query so that template is not redirected (in 15Zine)
=Version 1.35
= Remove code for archive title. Unnecessary and broke archive title for categories (15Zine)
=Version 1.34
= Properly load filters when Ajax is being used by the theme (publisher)
=Version 1.33
= Add flag for comment author so that avatar code doesn’t get confused (compatible with Meks Author Widget)
= Remove warning messages in search when post object is not present.
= Exclude sticky posts from guest author archive
=Version 1.32
=Version 1.31 Fix undefined variable $post
=Version 1.30
= Correctly handle guest author information on author page
=Version 1.21
= Add override custom template and setting for Simple Author Box
= Add body class setting (adds guest_author and author to the body class of the archive template)
= Make sure that is_single is false before loading the template
= Check to see if meta_query is a string and make it an array
=Version 1.2
= Make sure that mystery image shows up when there is no image for the guest author
= Fix query as archive query and create fallback template when template can’t be located (ie: Customizr theme)
= Fix issue when plugin or theme allows an image upload to the user (ie: Diario) – see below
= Fix home page loop (author did not change in Diario theme)
= Add option to display guest author name in the author column of a post
= Add field id for any meta_field added to the user as an image so that we know to override it for guests
=Version 1.12
=Remove escaped quotes when a new guest author is added in a post
=Attempt to fix guest author not selected in some cases in quickedit
=Sort guest authors in quick edit dropdown list
=Remove unused fields from post quickedit (unintended bug)
=Version 1.11
=Fix image upload for guest in new post
=Version 1.10

=Add ability to optionally use the guest authors website url based on settings, allowing the website url to be used in an author box.
=1) Always use the guest author url if it is set
=2) Always use the guest author archive
=3) Let me decide for each guest author

Add protection from script injections
= 1.03 Fix default gutter in author grid
= 1.02 Fix minor bug on plugin initialization
= 1.01 Set up licensing
= 1.0 Initial release.

== Arbitrary section ==

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