Debugging & Reporting Issues

Sometimes things go wrong and the debug functions can help us to determine what is causing the issue. *Before reporting an issue, save your copy and try retyping your query by hand or regenerating the query from the shortcode generator. Sometimes extra characters can be inserted into the query.  

Set debug=true debug_query=true. If necessary, set debug_log to true. Forward the output to us. It will be on your screen or in wp-content/debug.log depending on whether or not the debug_log is set.

Please include a link to a post with the shortcode embedded if possible and send the actual shortcode. If you can’t send a link, send one or more screenshots that demonstrate the issue.

debug defaults to false. This enables the debugger.  debug info will always output at the top of the post or page. It is executed before the widget is displayed.

debug_query defaults to false. This outputs the actual query resulting from the shortcode.

debug_log prints all debug info to the error log when this is enabled in wp-config. (click on the link for details).